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Submitting your annual self assessment tax returns can be daunting. The constant flow of changes to UK tax legislation can make the process difficult to understand, and such a complicated and time-consuming process can really lessen the joy of operating your own business. Furthermore, the risk of incurring penalties for late or incorrect submissions can add another level of stress to the process.

You can rely on us.

Stress-Free Self Assessment Tax Returns

Full Preparation of Tax Returns

RPA offer a full preparation of your self assessment tax returns, giving you back all the time you would normally have to spend on them, with the assurance of accuracy.

Personal Accountants

Any issues or questions you have about your tax returns will be answered promptly and fully, so you can really benefit from our wealth of expertise.

We Will Deal With HMRC

We will deal with HMRC directly on your behalf, ensuring that not only are you not bothered by the taxman, but also that they have no need to contact you further.

Assistance with HMRC Investigations

We provide expert assistance with and HMRC enquiries and investigations, giving you and your company the best chance of success

Pay Less Tax

Our experience and knowledge allow us to provide expert advice on minimising your tax liabilities, helping you to save money for the future of your company.

Tax Investigations Package

We can provide a service to help with any VAT, PAYE or other HMRC disputes or enquiries.

Who has to complete a self assessment tax return?

The most common reasons that a person may be required to complete a self-assessment tax return are as follows:

  • They are self-employed or are a partner in a partnership
  • They are the director or a company
  • They have a large amount of savings or investment income
  • They have untaxed savings or investment income
  • They own property or land that is being let
  • Their household receives Child Benefit and has income in excess of £50,000
  • They have income from overseas
  • They have sold of gifted an asset
  • They have lived or worked abroad


HMRC are not required to give guidance on how best to fill out your tax return to minimise your tax to pay. If you want to make sure you are paying the correct amount, we can advise you. RP Accountants can complete your tax return, calculate your tax liability, file the return on your behalf, and let you know the amounts and due dates of any tax payments to be made.


Of course, while we help you with your return, we will analyse any areas to make sure you are not paying any more tax than is necessary, and make sure nothing is out of place before submitting the return. If you’re looking for the peace of mind knowing you are paying no more than is required and submitting your return correctly, get in touch with us.

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